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Monday April 21st 2014

Search Marketing Does NOT Equal to Marketing


Advertising is a single component of the marketing process. It’s the part that involves getting the word out concerning your business, product, or the services you are offering…The best way to distinguish between advertising and marketing is to think of marketing as a pie, inside that pie you have slices of advertising, market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community involvement.

The complete article can be found http://marketing.about.com/cs/advertising/a/marketvsad.htm

After reading the article, another question popped into my head: Why do so many business owners think search marketing IS marketing?

To me, search marketing, like advertising, is just another component of the big marketing pie. But there are so many business owners out there who believe that once they started a PPC or SEO campaign, their marketing effort is completed.

This is a very dangerous idea to have!

Taking examples from the quote above, a complete marketing plan requires market research, product pricing, etc. Similarly, search marketing plans should be teamed with website optimization, identifying ones unique value proposition, competitor analysis and much more.

For example, if a business offers very limited products, has bad pricing, non user-friendly website, and so on, it doesn’t matter if PPC and SEO can the business the most relevant traffic with high purchase intent, the business will probably not make as much sales as they expected.

Business owners have to understand the fact that SEO is only responsible for bringing relevant traffic to the website through improving the website’s position on Google’s SERP. Whatever the visitors choose to do once they reach the site has nothing to do with SEO.

PPC might have a little more influence on the visitor behaviors by using its 70-character text content. But again, they are only 70 characters, don’t expect them to sell the product for you.

So, who’s responsible for selling the product? The business owner!

Every business owner, before entering a search marketing contract, have to make sure their sites are running efficiently, having good content which provides all the information that visitors might be looking for, user friendly and offering great products (at least have enough content on the site to persuade visitors that they offer great products.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer of search marketing and it is definitely an excellent (and cost efficient) way to bring in traffic or “get the words out”, but don’t mistaken it as a magical tool that would do all the MARKETING works for you.

Traian Neacsu  has almost a decade experience in SEO and he is the founder of Pitstop Media, a Internet Marketing services based company that provides SEO Vancouver to SMB clients around the world. For more information visit http://www.pitstopmedia.com

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