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Bogey’s Pizza Proudly Offers Delectable Dishes for San Jose Pizza Fans | Just PR News

Friday April 18th 2014

Bogey’s Pizza Proudly Offers Delectable Dishes for San Jose Pizza Fans


San Jose, California (April 25, 2012) – Bogey’s Pizza Co. is offering various pizza flavors to satisfy the cravings of diners looking for the best pizza in San Jose. Having built a reputation for mouthwatering dishes that can satisfy the true pizza aficionado, Bogey’s Pizza proudly presents some of their scrumptious pizza creations.

Bogey’s Pizza is treating meat lovers to mouthwatering delights like Bogey’s Combo. It features a delightful mix of pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, and linguica. The meaty mix is complemented with the addition of mushrooms and olives.

Another meaty treat that Bogey’s Pizza offers to San Jose pizza lovers is the Fifties Favorite. It is topped with Italian sausage, salami, and pepperoni, as well as fresh mushrooms and black olives. Another meaty pizza San Jose families can enjoy is the U.S. Open. Inspired by the popular sporting event, this champion of a pizza is made up of Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, salami, and linguica.

Another notable pizza flavor is the Garlic Chicken Combo, which has a generous amount of chicken, bacon, roasted garlic, onions, and bell peppers. They also have the B.B.Q. Chicken pizza, which has chicken, onions, bell peppers, bacon, pineapples and is topped with barbecue sauce instead of the usual tomato.

Bogey’s Pizza offers the Hawaiian Open for those who want their San Jose pizza without the frills. The Hawaiian Open is a tasty combination of pineapple and smoked ham. For those who want the healthier kind of pizza San Jose restaurants have to offer, Bogey’s Pizza concocted the Bogey’s Victory Garden. It has an abundant serving of black olives, fresh tomatoes and mushrooms, bell pepper, and artichokes.

Bogey’s Pizza has built a loyal customer base by serving the best pizza in San Jose for decades. Their pizzas are available in medium and large sizes. Bogey’s Pizza also offers calzone, soups, salads, and more dishes.

Bogey’s Pizza Co. is conveniently located at 5039 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, California. Visit www.bogeyspizzaco.com or call 408-264-3971 for reservations or inquiries.

About Bogey’s Pizza Co.

Bogey’s Pizza Co. has been serving great pizza to families and local sports enthusiasts in San Jose, California for over 28 years. Staying true to their family-oriented theme, Bogey’s Pizza is also offering in-house specials for two to four people. These in-house specials include a medium or large pizza with the customer’s choice of toppings, regular soup or salad, and drinks.

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