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Latest Facebook Cover Photos That “Unleash Your Creative Side” Added to CoverPhotoSite.com | Just PR News

Sunday April 20th 2014

Latest Facebook Cover Photos That “Unleash Your Creative Side” Added to CoverPhotoSite.com


CoverPhotoSite.com adds new selection of Facebook cover photos to their collection, aimed at people with a creative streak in them.

New York, NY – The latest Facebook cover photos added to CoverPhotoSite.com are likely to appeal to the creative minded individual. Glossy pinks, purples and pastel blues are a common feature of the latest Facebook covers added to the site, whom believe that the addition of the new Timeline profile structure is giving members the licence to unleash their creative side.

“With the old Facebook profile there was little room for creativity. Every profile was based around the same default template and they all looked a bit ‘samey’. But now with the introduction of Timeline, members have the option to include their very own customized image in the newly available space at the top of the user profile. We are now enabling users to unleash their creativity by choosing from our selection of cool Facebook covers,” said a website spokesperson.

Recent additions to the Facebook covers at CoverPhotoSite.com include the following:

• Artistic Brushes – A selection of stylish pastel colors on brush tips. The shallow depth of field in the photo causes the colors to really jump off the page.

• Pastel Blue Eye – A close-up of an eye, with a subtle yet creative application of make-up.

• Why So Serious – A creative photo, with a dark and sinister twist. This picture seems to involve a character whom closely resembles to Joker from Batman, applying a bloody transcription to a window pane.

In addition to the new stylish range of photos, CoverPhotoSite.com also includes simple images of wildlife and nature, as well as a wide selection of abstract designs. “There is something in there for everyone,” according to a website spokesperson.

To see the latest range of creative Facebook cover photos, visit http://coverphotosite.com/

About CoverPhotoSite.com:

CoverPhotoSite.com provides a collection of popular cover photos that members can download for free and apply to their Facebook Timeline profile. Users can upload new photos to their profile within a few clicks, simply by clicking the “upload to Facebook” button available on CoverPhotoSite.com

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