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Thursday April 17th 2014

Best Free Desktop Wallpaper for 2012 Revealed by FreeWallpapers4Desktop.com


Desktop background download site, FreeWallpapers4Desktop.com, announce their 10 favorite desktop wallpapers for 2012.

New York, NY – Well chosen desktop wallpaper can bring any computer background to life. It can brighten up someone’s day, act as a refreshing mental energy boost, or just provide comfort and relaxation during a hard day at the office. To help people pick out the perfect desktop wallpaper for their computer, FreeWallpapers4Desktop.com has just announced what they consider to be the 10 Best Free Desktop Wallpaper downloads for 2012.

“For many people, choosing a desktop background image is a very serious matter indeed!” said a website spokesperson. “The perfect image will reflect the individuality and creativeness of the computer user, as well as providing the appropriate mental triggers to act us a special “pick me up” during a long, hard day. In our top 10 listings, we are sure that there will be something in there for everyone.”

Highlights from the best computer wallpaper listings as identified by FreeWallpapers4Desktop.com are as follows:

• Apple Logo – a unique take on the Apple logo with the slogan “think different”. The logo has been cut out of a grassy field, and has a special summer feel to it.
• Crystal Blue – A refreshing scene of the cool, clear, blue sea underneath a dramatic skyline.
• Cherry Blossoms – close-up of vibrant, colorful pink cherry blossom flowers in front of the clear, blue summer sky.
• City on a Rock – A creative, futuristic image with a sci-feel feel to it. This truly cool wallpaper shows a modern day city skyline positioned on the top of a remote mountain.
• Green – the description says it all. A mass of bright green bushy trees to fill up the desktop background. Perfect for green fans around the world.

For the complete top 10 listings of desktop wallpaper for 2012, visit http://freewallpapers4desktop.com/

About FreeWallpapers4Desktop.com:

FreeWallpapers4Desktop.com is a website dedicated to bringing computer users a wide range of free desktop wallpaper images, available for instant download. The site also includes a special HD wallpaper and cool wallpaper section, and a random wallpaper section for visitors who do not quite know what they are looking for.

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