Wednesday July 23rd 2014

Amritsar Hotels Are Providing Luxury Facilities and Cuisine to Travelers


Amritsar has become most desirable and wanted city for the tourists. Its culture, historical places and other corporate activities always attracts the people all around the world. It is also because of the luxury facilities and famous cuisine provided by the Amritsar hotels. Hotels in Amritsar are not very expensive but they are much budgeted hotels. There state of art facility gives competition to all rest of the luxury hotels in Amritsar.

Hotel Alstonia is one of the budgeted hotels in Amritsar that is well known for its world class cuisine and modern facilities. It is located in posh area of Ranjit Avenue in Amritsar. Hotel Alstonia has fifty seven rooms that are aesthetically designed to provide luxury and deluxe facilities to travelers/tourists. Amritsar hotels are also famous for its special dishes like Kulcha. In another city this dish is also famous by the name of Amritsari Kulcha. When a person visited a hotel in Amritsar, he always wants a warm welcome from the hotel staff and they always get this only in Amritsar hotels.

Most travel agents and when you search through websites, however, they will define the infrastructure and by number of roos that hotel has. But they don’t provide information about the facilities of that hotel.  Since the establishment of the Hotel Alstonia , they are coming back to the point and giving information about the modern facilities and its world class cuisine to their clients. For more detailed information about the Amritsar hotels and its facility, please feel free to browse

About Hotel Alstonia

Hotel Alstonia is an eco-friendly boutique hotel in Amritsar is located in the posh locality of Ranjit Avenue. The Hotel comprises of 57 well appointed rooms aesthetically designed to provide a world class luxury and best comfort in the holy city, 49-rooms are deluxe rooms and 8 rooms are superior rooms.

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