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Ray Skillman Offers Affordable Budget Row Vehicles | Just PR News

Thursday April 17th 2014

Ray Skillman Offers Affordable Budget Row Vehicles


Indianapolis, IN (April 25, 2012) – Ray Skillman is offering affordable cars on the Budget Row, an inventory for motorists who are searching for a great bargain. As the car dealer Indianapolis motorists can depend on, Ray Skillman goes the extra mile to provide the best deals for their customers.

Ray Skillman understands that every driver wants more value for his or her money. A trusted car dealer, Ray Skillman understands the budget restrictions that many motorists have to work with. With this in mind, they set up the Budget Row, an inventory created for the discerning and practical driver.

Budget Row features a wide selection of affordable used cars in good running condition. The inventory has vehicles from top manufacturers including Buick, BMW, Chevrolet, and more. Interested parties are encouraged to explore the inventory online at www.rayskillman.com.

In addition, Ray Skillman offers flexible financing programs to further help their customers who want to buy new or used vehicles. Their programs come with a variety of features that enable customers to secure financial assistance even in these uncertain economic times. This is essential especially for potential buyers dealing with financial problems.

Ray Skillman’s Auto Group provides competitive financing options and rates that come directly from manufacturers and local banks. This way, customers can rest assured that they are getting the most out of one of their biggest investments without having to deal with questionable terms and conditions.

Interested parties can conveniently apply online. By just filling up an online form, motorists can apply for affordable auto financing. When their applications are approved, they can also take advantage of value-added services from Ray Skillman to protect their investment.

Whether motorists are looking for used cars at the lowest prices possible or want new vehicles that can suit their budget restrictions, the best Indianapolis car dealer can accommodate their needs.

About Ray Skillman

Ray Skillman is a reputable Indianapolis car dealer with a huge inventory, featuring 10 brands and more than 3,000 vehicles. This auto company is a one-stop shop that can accommodate all their customers’ needs, offering wide selections of new and used vehicles, state of the art collision centers, and more.

For more information on the car dealer Indianapolis residents can rely on for exceptional service and topnotch vehicles, call 317-888-9500 today.

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