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Friday April 18th 2014

Smartphone are Essential but Choosing a Gadget is a Difficult Task


Smart gadgets are enveloping almost everyone in their web that a person cannot think of moving without it. If you move around the population of almost every age group is using the handset for various purposes. The population in UK utilizes their handsets for browsing over the internet and for running exciting apps and the US mobile users does the same.

The mobile market is very gigantic in quantity as well as quality as compare to the PC market. Within the past couple of years the mobile market is producing plenty of revenue due to its great demand. Rising and falling of a demand of an individual brand of mobile is just like blinking of an eye. If talking about the handsets of Apple so five year ago the company has not sold an individual handset and that time Microsoft and BlackBerry had a very good business.

Similarly Finland Nokia has captured a very small market along with the symbian Platform. Moreover no one has ever heard about Android company which was started by ex Apple staffer Andy Rubin and was purchased by Google in the year 2005 by its co founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page who fruitful this deal without consulting their chief executive Eric Schmidt. Now at present everything has changed that is iphone has captured the market with a very stylish handset and great dealings. Nokia and Microsoft have switched off to the windows mobile and symbian to form an alliance of Nokia hardware and Microsoft software. On the other hand Blackberry has seen the most fabulous time period and had gain maximum profits but now the situation has changed as RIM is facing lots of declines.

Android has played a very good role as 50% of its handsets sold very easily in the market and this growing amount is utilized in many other benefits of the company. According to the analyst if any mobile company faces any loses or decline in the market than it becomes very difficult for the company to regain the lost position. There is long list of those companies such as Motorola, Ericsson, Hitachi, Toshiba, Siemens, Sony, Casio and among from all none has recovered their lost position. Moreover many companies do not exist anymore.
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