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The Web Store Announces Debut of the Guayabera Shirts | Just PR News

Saturday April 19th 2014

The Web Store Announces Debut of the Guayabera Shirts


NYC – April 28, 2012 – The leading internet retailer, debratorres.com announces the debut of their new range of guayabera shirts. The web store has created its large collection by acquiring stylish shirts and jackets from the manufacturers of tropical clothing. There are lot many products with the online retailer that have been inspired by tropical ways of living. The website brings a unique opportunity to flaunt an offbeat look. Moreover, such types of dressings are very comfortable and help to remain cool in hot and humid weather conditions. Interestingly, debratorres.com has brought such tropical designs and apparels that one can wear even in the cold weather.

The guayabera shirts have been originated from Cuba and are very popular in the Latin America. If you are visiting any Latin American country, these shirts are the must to carry along. You will help yourself by being more familiar with the place and will also able to accommodate yourself according to the weather conditions of the Latin America.

The Caribbean proudly show their style in these guayabera shirts and now in order to buy these shirts you need not to go to any South American country. Debratorres.com gives you an opportunity to buy these shirts online, sitting comfortably in your living room. These traditional shirts are increasingly becoming more popular among the global fashion-conscious men folk. Men of all ages love to wear this traditional Cuban outfit. And now, the web store brings the opportunity to wear these traditional shirts for everyone who used to find it difficult earlier. In true sense, the website brings cross-cultural dressing to the fore where consumers will be able to pick dress materials from a diverse cultural zone. However, these Cuban shirts are very fast becoming a preferable choice of the mainstream fashion world.

A traditional guayabera shirt features 4-pockets style with decorative stitching which make it look more stylish. Besides being stylish, it’s functional too and can suit everyone’s desire of being fashionable. The shirts which were mainly worn by the people of Hispanic descent, now everyone is enjoying because of Debratorres.com. The site has a large collection of shirts and they maintain an efficient service of delivering custom shirts. They have a large collection of wedding garments too. Please check the collection of these traditional shirts and garments at http://www.debratorres.com/.

About Debratorres.com

Website: http://www.debratorres.com/

Debratorres.com is the leading online store to sell clothes associated with the Latin culture. They have a huge collection of the classic guayabera shirts. Their signature shirts and dress materials are traditional but yet contemporary. They have a range of classic shirts that can be worn at the wedding as well.

Customer Care: Debratorres.com

Should you have any question, or want to know more about these shirts, you can contact them at their e-mail info@debratorres.com

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