Wednesday April 23rd 2014

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Mechanical watch repaired the most common condition, nothing more than feed water and impact wholesale watches. Mechanical watch unless marked a waterproof function, otherwise must avoid case water, because water can cause mechanical corrosion, strong destructive power. Water is untouchable. Even if is marked FangShuiBiao, also can have a year of waterproof security, because of the table after a year’s waterproof circle loss, coupled with sweat and dust and a variety of inevitable external factors, will faint, and so after a year must change new waterproof laps, or that do not have waterproof function.
Waterproof besides, more to prevent collision. In the context of the ability to license the economy, might as well have two, three little table in daily life replace: static activities wearing mechanical watch, engaged in sports, YunDongBiao wear, so only adjust measures to local conditions cheap g-shock watches, help prolong the service life of the table.
Mechanical watch by mechanical gears and driving wind and operation, turn the generation of hard to avoid friction, so, must go, for lubrication, to reduce parts wear rate. Or wait until just seems to be repaired, often has become a serious problem.
Mechanical watch every year best visiting her mother, check to see whether the water is used undeserved or situation. Especially Taiwan’s climate and humid and sweat, rain and dirty air etc accumulated years with the mechanical cause chronic erosion,cheap g shock damage degree of the frequency and than Europe, America, Japan is on the high side a lot, so “check” is very important; Then every three years to be a thorough cleaning and maintenance.
The insurance of maintenance and repair, to orthodox factorial processing is safe. Internal cleaning to be handed to professional teacher, and external clean job, mechanical watch the Lord might as well oneself start work; Soft brush to clean fluid with scrub strap, final rinse. Waterproof function of the case also can use this way to clean up; Don’t have waterproof function of the case don’t scrub. Daily cleaning external work is very important, because sweat scale,silicone watches dust and even subtle must not surprising, actually still accumulate, if not be clean, strap will rust, decay or embrittlement. So host best jump in and cleaning.

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