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The State of Human Rights in China | Just PR News

Saturday April 19th 2014

The State of Human Rights in China


China is a popular country because it is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with billions of dollars entering the country every year in form of direct investment. However, there are many people who do not know that the country has a lot of problems that should have made it not to be qualified as the right destination when thinking of making investment.

Minorities Persecuted

One problem about China is that minority groups are being persecuted everyday. The Christians belong to that group, and they are always facing all kinds of problems from the government because of their beliefs. A large portion of the population is known to practice local religions and any other group that does not follow the “national religion” is seen as an enemy of the state. The lives of prisoners are also not safe, put through all kinds of suffering, and their rights to life, food and other basic amenities of the general society withdrawn.

Limited Freedom in China

The constitution grants freedom of association in China; however, that freedom only exists in paper, and is not respected by the government. You can be denied the freedom to hold any demonstration, and if your organization is not registered with the government, it is considered as illegal, and are liable to fines or prison terms if arrested. There are many unregistered labor organizations in China, and they are not recognized by the government, and in recent years, many of their leaders have been imprisoned, serving different terms. In addition, there are some of them with indefinite terms, meaning that they can be held in custody for as long as the government desires.

No Freedom of Speech in China

Unlike other countries where you can speak freely, expressing your opinions on various national issues, China does not have the law that encourages the citizens to speak freely in public, sharing their views. Any speech that is considered anti-government is considered an offence against the state, and attracts various types of punishments, with prison terms included. Therefore, any speech made by journalists, editors and publishers must be in line with government guidelines.

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