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Deals Magazine Spring Issue Reaches Malls & Mailboxes | Just PR News

Thursday April 17th 2014

Deals Magazine Spring Issue Reaches Malls & Mailboxes


Deals Magazine, part of the same portfolio of companies that own and publish Website Magazine, releases six versions of its regional, print magazine.


Deals Magazine aims to offer subscribers tips on staycations, sun safety and saving money with 50 percent off or better deals in its Spring 2012 issue.


“We’ve released six versions of our regional, print magazine, to be distributed at our mall kiosks, festivals, races and by mail, just in time to enjoy spring,” said Gemma Piscotti, Director of Operations and Marketing. “Our deals and editorials are all tailored to our reader’s location. In Chicagoland, we have broken down our editions down to six regions.


“By doing so, we keep in line with our promise to deliver targeted prospects to vendors and truly relevant deals to our subscribers.”


The newest issue, which is the fourth installment of the glossy print publication, promises more than $10,000 in savings (for each regional edition). The issue’s cover also boasts more than 160 offers in a subscriber’s shopping area, which the company defines as wherever a person most frequently visits – pre-defined by them at sign up. Exclusive brand-name offers are also prominently featured.


“This is our best issue yet,” said Piscotti. “We’ve added more deals, more pages and more editorial value. We prominently feature our vendors in articles like Treat Yourself to a Staycation, Safe Sunning for the Season and the list goes on.


“This is a free, supplementary promotion for our vendors who run deals on our website. Due to our exponential growth, we are already at a place where we have more vendors than pages- and we keep adding more – of both! The vendors highlighted in the magazine are among our top performers.”


Vendors can also guarantee placement through paid advertising options. The online rate card can be found here: http://www.dealsmagazine.com/mediakit.


“We are currently working on our upcoming Summer issue, advertising space is available,” said Piscotti.


To receive a free subscription, visit http://www.dealsmagazine.com/b/pages/magazine/.



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