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Chris John Albano Discusses the Upcoming ‘Run for the Fallen’ 2012 Charity Event | Just PR News

Saturday April 19th 2014

Chris John Albano Discusses the Upcoming ‘Run for the Fallen’ 2012 Charity Event


Christopher John Albano is one of the co-founders of Oscar Mike LLC, an organization that will be helping with the planning of this year’s 2012 Run for the Fallen charity event. He and another Oscar Mike cofounder, retired First Sergeant Eddie Lima, have been training for the run together for the past year. Last year Chris was ranked as the top fundraiser for the Road Runners 2011 Wall Street Run to Benefit American Heart Association.

When asked what he expects to see that this years run for the fallen, Chris responded “I hope to see a huge turnout and a lot of localized support in communities around the country, as that is what this country’s injured veterans and the families of fallen heroes deserve.” Although run for the fallen participants will not necessarily be required to donate any money, they are encouraged to run at least 1 mile in commemoration of a fallen service members. As such, Chris says the run is “more of an awareness promotion event than just a fundraiser per se, but it will nonetheless pay homage to the fallen soldiers that lost their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. ”

“By making communities more aware of the sacrifices that our nation’s troops make on a regular basis, the event will hopefully attract attention towards organizations like Oscar Mike, which support wounded veterans and the families of fallen soldiers” Chris says. With that said, he believes that all able-bodied individuals that want to support their country’s service men and women should come out and run at least one mile in commemoration of a fallen warrior.

When asked what he likes most about the Run for the Fallen, Chris stated “The most appealing aspect of this nationwide event is that it has no political affiliation, no profit-driven incentive, and no prejudice. It welcomes everyone to come out an run in honor of individuals who have risked and lost their lives with the intention of protecting our freedoms. Even people that disagree with the war or other political agendas can agree that these men and women deserve the utmost respect and admiration.”

This year will mark the fourth annual occurrence of the Run for the Fallen. The 3,200-mile run will span from California all the way to Ground Zero in New York City, and will likely see a turnout of at least 30,000 people in communities around the country.

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