Wednesday July 23rd 2014

American CNG Betting Competitors Pricing for Natural Gas Conversion Kits


Utah, February 2012: American CNG offers natural gas conversion cylinders that are safe to use and built in a way that can be used in your vehicle without the fear of getting hurt due to damage. There are different sizes available for the CNG cylinders of the company from 2.7 GGE to 13.5 GGE and the great thing is they are sold at a price that will be lesser than the best price offered by any other company. The company is to reduce the price by 5% compared to any other company that offer the best price. There are 14 sizes in between the range suiting your requirement. The company also deals in natural gas conversion kits for your vehicle that will convert your vehicle from oil vehicle to CNG vehicle.

The CNG cylindered generally take quite a lot of time to get delivered. But with this company you will not have to wait for weeks, it will be delivered within some days. The company is a leader in type 1 and type two cylinders in USA. In many countries today, natural gas conversion is encouraged and many vehicles are using these cylinders. At the same time, there are many gas stations in the countries where vehicles run by gas. America is also moving forward in achieving the same.

About the company: American CNG is a prime source of compressed natural gas for America. The company is one of the best in the world in supplying CNG cylinders and also the natural gas conversion kits. The company is selling these cylinders now and many of them come with 20 years lifetime. There are many cylinders that are great in safety and most of them are certified by US dot. You can also avail discount on bulk orders.

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Company Name: American CNG
Address: Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone No: 801-451-9060
Fax: 1-888-331-6492
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