Thursday April 24th 2014 Exposes Mobile Marketers False Claims!

50 views, a new method to making money from home with mobile marketing, has released a shocking new Mobile Money Bandit Video that exposes mobile marketers for promising a sustainable business that just isn’t there. At least not if you do it the way they tell you to.

The video, released the industry’s mobile marketer Jusin Elenburg, offers a whole different mobile marketing business, which Justin calls Tap ‘N’ Talk, claiming that’s where the real money is stashed.

The video is 100 per cent pitch-free, as it doesn’t even make an attempt to sell the idea to viewers because there’s absolutely nothing for anyone to buy or even to test.

However, Jusin is using this short video to lay out the case for this year’s flavor of mobile already being last year’s fad. And he’s backed it up with cold, hard, undeniable facts.

“If you’ve ever wondered why the world’s richest companies don’t bother with mobile advertising, you’re about to discover the answer in this short video presentation from Jusin,” said sites owner, who promised that all you’ll find is solid evidence and a ton of brutally enlightening facts about Mobile Money Bandit, such as the following:

  • Why the average affiliate marketer is racing toward a concrete wall of failure at 100 miles per hour.
  • Five undeniable reasons you’ll never make another penny with old-school mobile marketing
  • How Justin managed to “supercharge” the old mobile marketing systems to rake in an amazing six-figure income (and more than a $124,000 in a single month).

Mobile Marketing with Mobile Money Bandit, he argued, is a very powerful system that anyone can use to target the largest segment of their customer, because all people use the cell phone to communicate with the world.

“One thing though, you’ll have to check this out right away because for reasons Justin reveals in the video, this is definitely time-sensitive information,” noted the site’s spokesperson.

For further information, please contact: Justin Elenburg Owner / Creator, or visit


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