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Monday April 21st 2014

Creating compelling market access stories


Bharatbook added a new report on “Creating value stories that present a pharmaceutical’s strongest case from a payer perspective is relatively new territory. ”

It’s an increasingly complex question faced by pharma companies when it comes to creating compelling value stories for payers. With governments tightening purse strings, generics flooding the market and the industry scrutinised with new transparency requirements, finding ways to ‘think global and act local’ has become critical and it is often not clear who is in charge.

Creating value stories that present a pharmaceutical’s strongest case from a payer perspective is relatively new territory. Navigating the task means creating stronger communication channels between the affiliates and the regional or global centre as well as between R&D and commercial managers.

Report Overview
Creating Compelling Market Access Value Stories addresses the most challenging questions facing market access by delving into how value stories are created and managed. The report offers insight into the critical imperatives surrounding their development and evolution. It discusses payer expectations, how companies can ensure that all departments work from a market access viewpoint and addresses practical issues such as testing the message and ensuring its consistency for each of the various stakeholders.

Key features
* An examination of the rising importance of market access across Europe and the US
* A review of how value propositions are built and the question of ownership
* The structural challenges companies face in developing cross-functional market access capabilities
* The importance of payer research in validating and testing the value story
* Managing political developments
* Charts covering European bodies responsible for HTA activities and country-by-country measures for rational use of medicines in the EU

Key Benefits
* Concise conclusions on developing and implementing value propositions
* A European-focused picture of how market access value stories are developed
* Expert input on everything from payer research to creating communication channels across multiple company layers

Key Questions Asked
* Why are market access considerations now underpinning every aspect of the pharmaceutical business?
* What are the major trends in healthcare technology assessment (HTA)?
* How can companies ensure they meet payer needs?
* When should companies test value stories, and how are tests best conducted?
* How can companies ensure consistency in value stories to all stakeholders?
* What is the importance of keeping current with political developments?

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