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The E Cigarette Is Considered A Tobacco Product, But What If It Is Not? | Just PR News

Saturday April 19th 2014

The E Cigarette Is Considered A Tobacco Product, But What If It Is Not?


However, the FDA lost that battle, but they won another one. They were allowed to put the e cigarette under the category of tobacco products. Because of this they may be able to find ways to pass all sorts of regulations in order to control them.

Supporters of the electronic cigarette had an interesting question though. Seeing as how the court ruling was based on the notion that nicotine comes from tobacco, and it does, what would happen if the source of nicotine was not tobacco? So various people are looking for best e cigarette.

Vegetable such as the eggplant contain a high amount of the addictive substance Nicotine. Other vegetables that contain high amounts are spinach, green tomatoes, and other commonly consumed vegetables. Even potatoes have a degree of nicotine in them.

It would take several pounds of eggplant in order to produce the same amount of nicotine as tobacco is able to. Even though this may be the case, it can be done. The argument is that if the nicotine portion of the liquid did not come from tobacco, then the FDA would not be able to place bans on them or label them as tobacco products.

The government would have to ban or control everything that contained nicotine, which would mean several vegetables. The hope is that a company will attempt to make an e cigarette that is not made from tobacco. Various discussions says that Green smoke electronic cigarette is one of the users favorite cigarette.

The FDA would not be able to do much about this. And it would also be interesting to know if those who suffer from nicotine addiction would be able to tell the difference between nicotine derived from tobacco or derived from an eggplant.

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