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Sunday April 20th 2014

Honeymoon Destinations is not just meant to enjoy composed moments


The serenity associated with India holidays hill stations makes it a complete winner amongst couples who want to enjoy silent and peaceful moments. A striking example of the aforesaid statement is Gangtok. It is an aesthetic delight and is defined by plush greenery and outstanding weather conditions. One can also look forward to Shimla, Manali and Dehradun. A honeymoon is meant to promote intimacy and the feeling of spending quality time in the company of each other undoubtedly works wonders.

Honeymoon Destinations is not just meant to enjoy composed moments in quiet surroundings; it is all about exploring the most exciting moments. Thus, the beaches of India happen to be perfect destinations for all the couples who wish to add an element of frolic to their love lives. The Baga beach and Calangute beach in Goa are synonymous to high degrees of fun and frolic. Additionally, the Marari beach and the Kovalam beach in Kerala can also be looked forward to. These beaches offer a host of water sports which must be given a try. The presence of experienced guides makes it safe for couples who want to undertake a first attempt.

An enthusiasm to spend the most unique moments together has created an immense rage to consider wildlife based destinations for a honeymoon. Indian national parks and sanctuaries offer a rich view of diverse species of flora and fauna. Wildlife safaris to these places do ensure an unconventional experience. The nervousness of observing wild beasts from a negligible distance and binding oneself within the arms of the other is indeed a moment of a lifetime. The hospitality segment around these regions has come up extremely well and make sure that no compromises have to be made in terms of amenities.

Indian culture and heritage Tourism is globally appreciated for its beauty and astounding architecture. Therefore, involving a touch of culture in the honeymoon can prove to be interesting as it is also an ideal way to explore the golden historical era of the country. Keeping the element of love in mind, the Taj Mahal which signifies eternal love is a must visit. Additionally, the regions of Delhi, Rajasthan and Fatehpur rekindle the India that existed centuries back.

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