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Retail Clinics 2011: Market Assessment, Supplier Sales, Key Players and Trends


Convenience clinics, also known as retail health clinics, are a quickly growing segment of the U.S. health care marketplace, although their expansion has slowed somewhat from the very high rates of their early years. This report looks at retail clinics’ impact and growth over the next five years.

Although different operators employ slightly different approaches, the overall business model utilized by convenience clinics is quite consistent. It involves the provision of basic healthcare services at a low cost, in a facility conveniently located in a busy retail outlet, with broad hours of operation. Care is intended to supplement that provided by the patient’s primary care provider, particularly for common illnesses where the diagnoses are clear-cut and the therapies are proven. Locations such as drug stores, food stores, mass merchandisers and other popular retail outlets with pharmacies enable patient accessibility and make it easy for patients to get their prescriptions filled nearby.

In this market research report, outlines many of the factors that will determine the future of the retail clinic concept:

State of the Market in 2011

Competitors in the Market: Who Won and Who Lost

What Consumers, Physicians and Legislators Think About Retail Clinics

‘Out of Pocket’ Healthcare Spending and its Impact on Retail Clinics

Table of Contents :


Global Headquarters


The Need for Alternatives
Vulnerable Populations
Healthcare Reform
The Emergence of Retail Clinics
Establishing a Retail Clinic

Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassays

Drug Stores
Food Stores
Mass Merchandisers
Other Outlets

Issues and Trends
Weak Economic Recovery
Health Care Reform
Public Awareness
Competition with Primary Care Providers

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