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“Happy Guys Finish Last” University Sex Study gets shot down by new Radio Show aimed at helping Nice Guys finish… | Just PR News

Saturday April 19th 2014

“Happy Guys Finish Last” University Sex Study gets shot down by new Radio Show aimed at helping Nice Guys finish…


The recent study done by the University of British Columbia entitled “Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction” has been humorously shot down by the host of an underground show aimed at helping men become “BETTER” men. Victory Unlimited, the codenamed host of the self-titled “Victory Unlimited Show” recently aired an episode called “Who turns women on? Smiling Guys or Frowning Guys?” It poked fun at all the hype surrounding the findings of the study that argues that women are turned on by men who appear to be moody and ashamed, but were turned off by guys who appear to be lighthearted and happy.

“This is just another classic example of Anti-Good Guy Propaganda.” says Victory Unlimited. “It’s much ado about next to nothing. I won’t go so far as to say that the study actually is nothing, because I do think that it holds some merit——–just not enough to justify some of the extreme reactions that it’s been getting from the kind of guys who write in to shows like mine. The very idea that there are now men out here running around in a state of perpetual panic over whether or not they should stop smiling to avoid turning women off is laughable.”

The Victory Unlimited show is a slightly over the top, wildly entertaining, but surprisingly enlightening broadcast wherein the host answers dating, relationship, and general life questions by addressing them with a motivational, military-like zeal. Part “old time” tongue-in-cheek radio play and part self-help program for men, the show’s host declares that he’s waging a “One-Man War”, and that he’s on a mission to help nice guys, good guys, and gutsy guys finish first in life for a change instead of last. Though it’s only been on for less than a year, the show already boldly claims to be “The Greatest Dating, Relationship, and Life Strategy Show “for men” in the World”.

The strongly opinionated program’s growing following seems primarily due to the way it fires off motivational messages while at the same time referencing pop culture to both comical and controversial effect. The show tends to use provocative episode titles like“The Denzel Washington/Sidney Poitier Swagger Factor”. “Hardcore Hope for Lonely, Depressed, and Frustrated Men Everywhere”, “Is Halle Berry Crazy? Or is it the guys?” and “Why women look for reasons NOT to date you!” to grab the attention and the imagination of it’s avid listeners.

“Men giving themselves a “Mean Guy Makeover” is not the answer.” Victory Unlimited says. “Our focus should just be “to Man Up”, to stop letting ourselves be swayed by every new wind of behavioral pop-psychology that blows, and to find our motivation in life by striving to become the best men we can be while still remaining true to who we are on the inside. Life is about more than just “How to get the girls”. The inconvenient truth is that no amount of smiling, frowning, or standing around with a blank look on your face is gonna get you far with any woman if you can’t still respect the face that you see staring back at you in the mirror.

Enough said.”

Contact – http://victoryunlimitedshow.com/

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