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Wednesday April 16th 2014

Newborn Photographer in San Francisco To Help People Take Better Photos Through


San Francisco, CA ( JustPrNews ) June 8, 2011 – Anyone and everyone in the photography business would know that there’s nothing as challenging as managing children during a photo shoot. And if the person in question is the subject of the photo shoot? God save you, if you aren’t prepared. The child has to be comfortable with you around. Children are happy when they play, but if they’re too excited while playing, all that they’ll do is to either pout at you or smile in the most unnatural way. But thanks to a newborn photographer in San Francisco, photographing children should not be problem.

Kim, a newborn photographer based in San Francisco aims to help people take better pictures of their kids. All that they’ve got to do is to fill a form on her website and join a group of people looking to take their interest in photography to the next level. Kim plans to teach interested people her trade secrets; so that they can take pictures that they can be proud of.

The location and date isn’t fixed, but the program is absolutely free of charge. All that they need to get when joining the program is an interest to learn the art.

“The credit for making me the photographer that I am today goes to my two kids, Chance and Nathan. Chronicling their growth through photographs has been a learning experience for me. Every time I took a photo of them, I learned the art of managing kids during a photo shoot,” says Kim. The baby photographer in San Francisco has been voted as the Best Family Photographer by the Bay Area Parent Magazine for two consecutive years in 2009 and ’10.

Since, numerous people have helped her during her learning process; this program she says is her way of paying it back. Besides, this program, Kim also writes a blog where she discusses interesting details about her projects with newborns. With pictures and information about these assignments, the blog is a treat to read. The San Francisco photographer specializes in newborns, besides photographing children.

About SuperKimagery Photography: Through her talent of using available light and genuine attraction for children, Kim has managed to take the world of photography by storm.


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