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Saturday April 19th 2014

New Lotto Book Helps You Win 5 Out of 10 Times


A new lottery winning book designed teach people lottery math and patters to win big in the lotto today has been launched by eWinningthelottery.com.

“The techniques and methods that are contained in this new lottery book is guaranteed to increase the odds for anyone playing the lottery to win,” said Andre Slater, an Lottery Player who owns the website, www.eWinningthelottery.com.

“Our book reveals a unique system that shows you how to predict lottery numbers and win 5 out of 10 times,” he added.

Are you a lottery or sweepstakes player? Are you losing more than you are winning? Now is the time to put the brakes on your losing streak, as according to Slater, their new book contains a proven system that puts you at a great advantage. “So, if you want to start making more money playing the lotto or sweepstakes, I am inviting you to go get your look at this winning book at www.eWinningthelottery.com.

According to Slater, the lottery code was cracked by an Oklahoma mathematics professor who had spent some eight years perfecting the secret to winning the lottery. “With this new lottery system of his, he has so far won the lottery three times,” said Slater.

“This book,” he added, “teaches you exactly how to do the same thing… that is, how to increase your odds of winning.”

For further information, please contact:

Andre Slater
Owner/Internet Marketer
Phone: 706.414.6669
E-mail: admin@ewinningthelottery.com
Website: http://ewinningthelottery.com

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